Camp Structure for Fun and Learning

Our camp program is designed to ensure the development, interests and skills of each camper while providing the very best in camping fun. 

Our daily schedule includes a series of scheduled activities, including a period of instructional swim in the mornings.  Afternoons offer two periods of "Free Choice" and a period of free swim.  Our "Free Choice" periods offer several different activities, from sports to arts and crafts, and allow each camper to choose which activity they would like to experience.  Activities during "Free Choice" periods change on a daily basis.


Our Counselor-to-Camper ratio is 1:5.

Camp Evergreen Unit Group Structure
                Unit 1: Ages 4 ½ through Kindergarten
                Unit 2: First grade through Third grade
                Unit 3: Fourth grade through age 14

Upon enrollment, campers are assigned to one of three Units.  Each Unit is composed of several "Tent" groups.  These Tents are separated by most recently completed grade level and sex.  Tent groups are kept at groups of 15 children. 

Each Tent is led and supervised by a Counselor, and assisted by a Junior Counselor or a Counselor-In-Training (CIT).  These staff members accompany their groups to all supervised activities, specialist areas, and organized events.

Inside, Outside, All Around the Camp
We have several covered areas which allow us to offer a full schedule - rain or shine. Our rustic lodge is used for movies on rainy days, and younger campers use this area for some quiet time.  We also have a "Rec Room" which is well-stocked with games, costumes, and other fun items for more indoor fun.

Our Canteen houses our walk-in refrigerator, where campers and staff keep their lunches and snacks for the day.  Milk, juice, and popsicles are also kept in the canteen and are available to all campers. 


Cabins are a great place for your camper to store his or her things during the day.  Each Tent is assigned to one cabin for the duration of the summer.  Each camper is assigned a cubby on their first day of Camp.  Campers keep their personal belongings (spare clothes, backpacks, towels, etc.) in these cubbies during the day.

All of our drinking water is Artesan well water.  This same water is used for our bath-house showers, sinks, and pools.


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