Indian Summer

Indian Summer is a one-week program separate from regular camp.  It is open to campers in first grade and up.  The schedule, counselors, specialists, and tent groups change to accommodate this program. 

 The pool is used twice a day.  Red Cross swim lessons are not offered unless a camper is close to completing a swimming level.  The pool staff takes this time to instruct in other forms of aquatic interest, such as snorkeling, racing, and boating safety. 

 In addition to our regular camp activities, we offer other activities which are unique to this program.  We celebrate the Native American culture, as it represents the ultimate camping.  Our Tipi, full of many traditional artifacts, is a fun place to discuss and share our knowledge of Native American history and customs. Our campers get to build their own village.  Native American crafts are offered, such as dream catchers, talking sticks, and bear claw necklaces.  We also have a great 3-D archery shoot.  This is a great way to end the summer!

Other activities unique to this program include:

Indian Lore
The Native American culture is deep in tradition.  Our specialist brings this to life with their expertise in story telling and native crafts.  Dream catchers, talking sticks, pottery, and beading are just a few of our traditional projects that  campers enjoy.
Indian Village
After much work and preparation, our village comes to life for one full day and night of fun and excitement.  Every year the campers build their very creative shelters from  the raw materials in the forest.  This is where they may sleep on the final Pow-Wow sleepover of the summer.

The Indian Summer sleepover  is special,  highlighted by a late night of campfire, cooking, and fun.  It takes place in our village designed and built by the campers themselves.  The campers prepare our traditional feast of Indian stew, buffalo meat, and corn.   We bake apples on the camp fire for dessert. They have the opportunity to sleep in their shelters.  Breakfast is  leisurely prepared and served by the campfire.

Then home on Saturday morning.  Parents have a night out! 


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