Camp Evergreen Staff

Our Staff
Our staff-to-camper ratio is one of the best in the region (1:5), so that we can ensure that each child receives the individual attention that makes camping both rewarding and fun. Most of our staff were Evergreen campers themselves, growing through our extensive training program to lead our unique culture of fun, play, and professionalism.

Program Director
The program director is  'Little' Jim Loscutoff, owner/operator of Camp Evergreen. His job is to coordinate the yearly and daily activities to allow for group interest and achievement, and strives to ensure the goals of the camp and individual attention of all campers.  Growing up at camp and just about having done every job here, he is very familiar with all aspects of running a successful  and fun program.  He is very 'hands on' and is always available to parents, staff,   and campers.

Unit Leaders
Unit leaders work with the Counselors, Junior Counselors, and C.I.T.'s under the supervision of the Program Director to insure the quality of programs for the appropriate age groups and the teaching of specific skills in relation to maturity levels. They oversee the flow of communication between the Counselors and the Director.


Counselors are teachers and older students selected for their abilities in our wide range of camp activities, their interest in young people, and experience in camp counseling. It is the Counselor who is most aware of each camper's particular needs. The Counselor, along with a Junior Counselor or C.I.T. remains with their assigned small group throughout the morning schedule.  They accompany their campers to their various supervised activities.  During "Free Choice" periods they are assigned to work with particular activities within their specialty.

A Specialist is usually a teacher or college student that has an extensive knowledge of the field or area to which they are assigned. They coordinate the daily and weekly activities at a specific area.  They also set up the area for groups to assure an age-appropriate program. 


Junior C.I.T.s

The Jr. C.I.T. program  is set up for the older campers who want to train to become counselors.   Campers enjoy this time at camp trying their hand at helping the staff in all areas of camp.  From this pool of campers we build our future staff.
**Jr. C.I.T.s are not staff

C.I.T.(Counselor in Training)/Junior Counselors
The role of the C.I.T./Junior Counselor at Camp Evergreen is that of an assistant to both Counselors and Specialist, having successfully completed our Junior C.I.T. program.

Nursing Staff

A Nurse is on the premises all summer supervising our infirmary. A health examination is required of all campers (according to the Department of Public Health) and is kept on record in the infirmary. 

The Camp Doctor outlines the standing orders for the nurse, and is on call at all times in the event we are not able to reach the camper's parent or family doctor in case of an emergency.


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