Make sure to sign up for April Camp!!! Going to be the BEST WEEK EVER!!!

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Celebrating 50 years of Happy Campers!!!!

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Camp Evergreen offers vacation camps during February and April School Vacations.  We have programming designed for all the Mother Nature provides, insuring your children get the most out of their school vacation.  There is an amazing range of indoor and outdoor activities including sledding, skating and fishing as the seasons dictate.  The dates  for Winter Camp are February 17-21 and the dates for Spring Camp are April 21-25.  These weeks are also a great chance to preview camp if you are still undecided about the summer.

Take a Tour!

If you have not already seen Camp Evergreen, now is a great time to view camp. Grab your friends and come by for a walk in the woods. We give tours by appointment and would be happy to show you, your children, and friends around the camp. At this time we can answer any questions and address any concerns you may have. . Call us today!!! (978)475-2502

 First day questions answered

Is your Childs school ending after the first day of Camp? June 23rd.Parents have been calling with questions regarding the first day of camp and the last day of school.

Campers can’t wait to come to camp. Many parents feel their child benefits from attending the first session because it is easier for them to transition to camp. So we have options.

 The first day of camp is June 23rd. If your schools last day runs past the first day, you have 2 choices.

 Some parents do not see the benefit of sending their child to school for a day and a half. Meanwhile, their child is waiting for summer vacation to begin. So start camp on Monday.


 If you wish your child to attend the last days of school, but you want the first session, we will deduct $80.00 per day for camp missed because of late school endings. This way they can begin camp near the first day and start new friendships right away.

 The first session of camp is always so joyful and exciting with the reuniting of campers and staff after the school year. It’s a time to make new friends and greet the old!. We have so many fun and unique activities planned this session to kick off our theme Around the World in 40 (or so) Days. Please join us!.

Camp Evergreen "Year Round" is dedicated to providing caring attention to youngsters.  We feel that camping is an enriching experience as well as an educational one.  This camp experience can be provided all year long.  Our seasonal activities are designed to keep children active and excited about the outdoors.  Our choice location, with its natural wooded surroundings, provides the setting for stimulating, adventurous, creative, and fun experiences throughout the four seasons.  Camp Evergreen offers vacation camps during February and April school vacations, as well as an exceptional Summer Camp program.We have a great summer planned, and there is much for your campers to look forward too.

This is our 50th year and we are planning to make this the best year ever!!!!



***This Camp complies with the regulations of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and is Licensed by the Andover Board of Health***







Make sure to sign up for April Camp!!! Going to be the BEST WEEK EVER!!!

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