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This schedule for Summer 2018 is an “on-going schedule.” It lists many of the important days at Camp and explains the activities that are offered.

Each week has a theme with daily related activities. Crazy Dress-Up Days normally take place on Fridays. This allows campers to get a little crazy and wear something they might not normally wear to Camp. Fishing derbies and canoe trips are offered each session. Sporting events are held throughout the summer, with major tournaments noted on the calendar. Camp has five very special, very unique “Late Night Out” where campers can stay late while Mom & Dad enjoy a night out. There is also a very special Indian Summer sleepover during Week 9. An “All-Camp Get Together” takes place every Friday at 12:30pm. This is when campers and staff present their talents to the entire Camp. We encourage all campers to take the stage and shine! Parents, guardians, and family members are always invited to come and watch.

Canoe Trips are some of the special afternoon activities occurring throughout the summer. They are offered the second week of each session, Tuesdays for Unit 2, and Wednesdays for Unit 3. Campers spend an afternoon exploring the many water ways in the surrounding area. Sign-ups will be held on Mondays of canoe weeks. Campers must attend the sign-up time in order to go on the trip. Campers who sign up should come to Camp the morning of the trip already wearing their bathing suits under their Camp clothes. Lunch should be packed in a waterproof bag and campers should bring a hat to wear while on the water.

Please note that only deep end swimmers will be allowed on canoe trips.

Fishing derbies are offered the first week of each session on Wednesdays. Campers may bring their own fishing gear, which will be stored at Camp. Gear should be clearly labeled with the camper’s name and tent number. Campers will be given the opportunity to make their own fishing rods and dig for worms to use as bait.

Late Nights are the best! What could be more fun than spending the evening at Camp?  Late Nights are offered every other week on Thursdays of even numbered weeks with an additional Mini Camper-Late Night Week 5 (For units 1 and 2 only), and a special Indian Summer Overnight offered Week 9. Permission slips will be sent out the week before the scheduled events. For the Indian Summer Sleepover, campers should arrive with a pillow, sleeping bag and sleepover gear in ONE clearly labeled bag. We recommend Ziplock XXL clear bags with handles, which can be found at Wal-Mart or your local grocery store. For all the Late Nights campers must have long pants to wear at evening campfire. We will provide dinner, juice, and a snack after Flagpole. Campers must be in Unit 2 or Unit 3 in order to attend. A special Mini-Camp Overnight is offered during Week 5 for younger campers in Unit 1 and Unit 2, allowing them the experience of a Late Night but leaving a little sooner than the others.

Indian Summer has a unique focus on aspects of Native American culture, lore and tradition. All of the activities of these this special week are based around this theme. Special events include a 3-D Archery shoot, storytelling in an authentic teepee, and a phenomenal fishing derby! The session ends with a special sleepover in the camper-created Indian Village, where campers have the chance to build and sleep in their own shelters! The last day of Indian Summer Camp is August 21th with a half day on the 26th.

Birthday Parties during Summer Camp can be celebrated with your camper’s entire tent! Two things are needed. First, if you wish to drop off goodies (watermelon, brownies, munchkins, etc.) they need to be dropped off at the traffic area, or during morning Camp hours at the Camp office. Second, please include a note to the counselor indicating these items are at Camp so the counselor may make arrangements for a lunchtime party.

Notes to Camp during summer are an important method of communication. Any notes indicating medication for campers, swimming issues, Camp issues, early dismissal, or alternate pick up should be given directly to the traffic team or if need be, the camper’s counselor by either your- self or your camper. The note will be delivered to the Camp office to be handled appropriately.


Vacation Camp is a wonderful way for your child to get the most out of their school vacation. February Vacation Camp will be February 19th- 23rd and April Vacation Camp will be April 16th - 20th. February Vacation Camp features indoor and outdoor Camp favorites like skating, cross country skiing, ice fishing, arts & crafts, fort building, and more! April Vacation Camp is jam-packed with outdoor sports, nature hikes and trout fishing at our pond! Both weeks are packed with a mix of cool activities which help make for a fun vacation break from school. Vacation Camp is a terrific way for your child to get a taste of Camp before summer and experience some unique activities.

Birthday Parties at Camp Evergreen are one of a kind! For campers looking for that “something special”, consider Camp Evergreen for your Birthday. Two hour themed parties are offered September through June. We will help you create any party imaginable. Some examples include drama parties on our stage complete with script, costumes and cast party. A Boot Camp party with drill sergeant, camouflage paint and training for a mission might be the one for you. For you winter lovers, plan a sledding party on our sledding hill. Finish it off with an amazing campfire and roasting marshmallows. Or, you may choose a nature party with a hike and campfire. There are so many possibilities! Contact Camp Evergreen now and make your next birthday party the best ever!

 Note: Late night permission slips will be handed out before the event. Additional fee applies.


Click HERE to see the 2018 Calendar.

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