Activities And Facilities

Nature is an integral part of our camp program, utilizing the marshes, woods, ponds, foliage, and the unspoiled terrain surrounding us. Here campers learn about their natural environment.  They become familiar with the "chain of life," developing an awareness of plants, trees, animals, wild edible foods, etc. They explore, experience, and learn to appreciate our natural resources. Our nature hut adjoins the pond and houses some of our smaller animals. Nature trails wind through 2900 acres of forest.


Our two large pools (Olympic size 30 by 60-ft and learners size 30 by 15ft.) allow for the beginner to learn with confidence and the advanced swimmer to progress. Our Olympic size pool was designed for instruction and is 3 feet deep for the length of 25 feet, then slopes for the deep end. The Red Cross Program of Instruction is given daily by our Water Safety Instructors to all campers. Campers swim twice daily, once for instruction and again for practice and fun.

Camp Craft
Here our campers learn fire building, lashing, map reading, compass reading, cooking on an open fire, and other skills which make camping a safe, comfortable, and healthy experience. Camp Craft helps to develop resourcefulness, initiative, self-reliance, and a respect for the outdoors. All of the tools and equipment are provided and are stored in the Camp Craft building. 

Arts & Crafts
Creativity with ceramics, paints, clay and other natural materials makes this a popular and productive activity.   Campers enjoy our fully equipped craft center.

We plan these activities regularly throughout the year.  Counselors and Specialist head out into the Harold Parker State Forest to some great destinations like: unique rock formations called the "Royal Cliffs;" "The Mine," an old soap stone mine abandoned at the turn of the 19th century; "Berry's Pond," a state-run swimming hole; and "Blueberry Hill," a favorite blueberry picking area.   These natural locations make a great setting for a special day in the forest.

Our Wood Shop Specialist has an array of projects prepared for your camper. From boats to cars to popsicle stick projects, there is always something to keep your child interested in woodworking. We stress the proper use of tools and teach the basic fundamentals when creating with wood.

At our theater-in-the-pines, Camp Evergreen offers a unique setting for theater indoctrination.   Campers have the opportunity to take part in two major camp productions, as well as weekly "all camp get togethers". All campers have the opportunity to perform at least once while at camp.  Friday is show time!  Camper  skits, talent shows, and Karaoke shows are just a few.

Our own natural half-acre pond allows the perfect setting for rowing instruction. With life jackets on, campers may use one of Evergreen's fleet of rowboats and paddle boats to explore Lynn's Lagoon. Campers can get a close look at a frog or perhaps experience some of our visiting friendly ducks and geese. 

Canoeing instruction is given on one of the many large ponds in the Harold Parker Forest. Once tested, canoeists can attend a canoe adventure. The Ipswich River is always a favorite destination, but its just one of the many locations we explore.


Horseback Riding
We offer programs for beginners and more experienced riders, with pointers on grooming and care. Horseback lessons are provided by an outside riding agency. Riding fee is not included in the regular tuition. See forms for pricing and registration. Space is limited.  First come, first served.

Baseball, Kickball, Soccer, Volleyball, Touch Football
Two large, well groomed playing fields are used for a variety of supervised games, which are scheduled throughout the day according to interest.

Two tennis courts and practice boards are available with an experienced Tennis Instructor to supervise all interested campers. Campers receive a group lesson once per week but may play daily during their afternoon free choice period.


Basketball courts are used for a variety of activities, such as street hockey, roller blading, basketball, and other fun activities.


Expert supervision at our archery range, which is nestled in a cool spot in the woods, is one of many specialist activities offered.

Special Events
Special events add to the group spirit and excitement of our camp season. Our annual all-camp carnival and circus are traditions. Drama productions, field trips, dress-up day, and Olympics are but a few of our special activities..

Late Nights
Held every two weeks, campers in the first grade and above in Units 2 and 3 are eligible for Late Nights at Camp. Campers staying on one of our Late Nights remain after camp, swim, then enjoy a nice hot meal complete with dessert. The evening ends with singing and story telling around the campfire. Parents pick up their children from Camp at 9:30pm.  Permission slips will be handed out before the event. Additional fee applies.

Extended Day.
Our Extended Day Program is available for parents to drop off Campers before camp from 8:00 to 9:00 AM and pick youngsters up after camp from 4:00 to 5:45 PM. There is an extra charge for this convenience which is explained in the application.

Camp Evergreen provides door to door  transportation for the following communities:
Andover, North Andover, Reading, North Reading, Lynnfield, Stoneham, Wakefield, and Wilmington. Depending on demand additional towns may be added.  There is no transportation for Indian Summer or Vacation Camp.  There is an additional cost for this service.  See application.


Camp Evergreen Provides...
Milk, juice, and snacks for pre-schoolers and kindergarteners..   Milk is also provided for all at lunch.  Lunch must be brought from home and will be stored in our walk -in refrigerator.  Campers receive popsicles and bug juice in the afternoon.

  All clay, crafts, woodshop, camp craft, and arts & crafts supplies are provided.

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