About Us
 A Unique Day Camp Environment

The Loscutoff family founded Camp Evergreen in 1964. The site was selected for the express purpose of developing a Day Camp where a wide range of programs could be carried out in a natural environment. The setting is a rich wooded area surrounded by 2,900 acres of state forest, insuring the preservation of a rustic background. Each activity area has been carefully developed amidst the natural setting of pine woods, fields, streams and ponds. The existing buildings, from what was originally an old farm, are utilized for the purposes of retaining the country feeling and charm.

Camp Evergreen Contributes to the Total Growth of the Individual
 We feel that camping should be an enriching experience as well as a recreational one. We are dedicated to camping as an instrument to further the education of each individual and to encourage physical, social, and creative development.

The Camp Evergreen experience serves to strengthen a child's inner security in meeting new situations and challenges. The camp provides a unique workshop which instructs, exposes, develops, sensitizes, and builds the self-image and abilities of young people. It provides the opportunity to learn to make decisions and to expand self-discipline.

Camping at Evergreen enhances personalities, widens capabilities and potential, and adds to the stature of the youngster. Campers develop constructive confidence and a sense of achievement that will carry over into the classroom, the home, and the future. Camping can be a memorable and rewarding experience for a child; it is a fun way to acquire new skills and master those activities they enjoy most. The goals of Camp Evergreen are to: develop self-confidence and self-esteem; encourage physical, social, and creative development: foster curiosity & exploration; build potential, self-discipline, and a sense of achievement; teach new skills; strengthen physical stamina and coordination; and provide a safe, healthy, nurturing environment.

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