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Looking for and exciting and rewarding job this summer?

Camp Evergreen is now accepting applications for day time summer employment. We are looking for skilled, responsible, kind, outgoing, and enthusiastic people who are committed to providing campers a positive camp experience. Working at Camp Evergreen is more than just a summer job; it's an incredibly rewarding time in beautiful surroundings that's both fun and memorable!

Counselor Position:

Under the leadership of the counselor, campers will follow a daily schedule which includes various specialist and counselor led activities, lunch, swim, and free choice. Special events, performances, and theme days are scheduled throughout the summer. We aren’t afraid to get a little crazy with our special events and dress up days and we encourage everyone to join in the fun!

The counselor position is open to anyone 17 years or older . All it requires is a “can do” attitude and a desire to work with children. We will provide you with all the training and support you need for you to succeed in your role.

The primary responsibilities of the counselor is to:

-Safely lead a group of campers to various activities and follow the schedule

-Assist in Specialist lead activities

-Assist in Swimming

-Supervise campers at all times

-Maintain a safe environment

-Be a positive role model

We are seeking motivated, responsible, caring and creative individuals to join our team for summer 2023. If you want to be part of making this the best summer ever we encourage you to apply!

Specialist Counselor:

Specialist counselors are the core of the camp programming. Specialists teach the campers skills in their area of specialty. Each tent group is scheduled to visit every specialist at least once a week. The specialist also offers free choice activities where the campers who are interested can sign up to participate.

Our specialist are: Nature, Drama, Tennis, Camp Craft, Wood shop, Arts and Crafts, Boating and Canoeing, Archery, and Sports.

The specialist position is open to anyone 18 years or older with a “can do” attitude, a desire to work with children, and experience in one of our specialist activities.

The primary responsibilities of the Specialist Counselor are:

-To develop and execute an 8 week specialty program for children ages 4.5-14

-Supervise campers at all times

-Follow the schedule

-Take care of your specialist area and equipment and

-Maintain a safe environment

-Be a positive role model

We will provide you with support, training, and materials to help you to create an awesome summer program. We love seeing what kinds of ideas our specialists come up with so we encourage you to think outside the box!

Pool Director:

The Camp Evergreen swim program is a integral part of the Evergreen experience. Our goal is to teach children safety in and around the water while helping them to develop confidence, endurance, and stroke technique. And of course, we want them to have fun too! Each tent group swims once a day, which includes time for instruction and time for free swim. We follow Red Cross swim programming.

The Pool director position is open to anyone 21 years or older with valid lifeguard and WSI certifications. Must be organized, responsible, and an excellent communicator and team player.

The primary responsibilities of the Pool Director are too:

-Oversee the Camp Evergreen Swim program

-Manage a team of lifeguards and counselors

-Check pool chemicals and keep detailed records

-Supervise swim

-Maintain a safe and clean pool area


We are seeking a handy person to help with upkeep around camp. This position is open to anyone 18 years or older who enjoys working outside on a variety to different projects. Duties include: Lawn upkeep, maintenance and repair, painting, cleaning, and pretty much anything that needs to be done around camp. If you enjoy tinkering, fixing, and making everything look fabulous, we encourage you to apply!


The Secretary is a key position at camp. In addition to speaking with parents and answering questions about our program, the secretary must track attendance, maintain the flow of communication to the administration, write and edit emails and documents, and manage billing, amongst other things.  Excellent written and communication skills are required. Must be comfortable using a computer, word processing software, and spread sheets. This position is open immediately part time, and will move to full time during the summer.

Please complete our online employment application to apply


This Camp complies with the regulations of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and is licensed by the Andover Board of Health

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