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Important Changes Regarding Transportation

Registration for Transportation is now closed. Some of the times have been changed. Here are the following times for the buses.

Changes for Session 4 (August 2nd-13th)

Winchester/Stone Zoo/Wakefield

Winchester High: 7:45am/4:35pm

Stone Zoo: 7:55am/4:20pm
Wakefield Veteran Park: 8:20am/4:15pm


Reading Train Station 8:10/4:55

Wilmington High School: 8:25am/4:35pm

Sandborn: 8:40am/4:10pm

Andover High: 8:45am/4:06pm

If you are having issues with transportation, please call North Reading Transportation directly at 978-664-1277 ext 5.

Transportation FAQ


These are the routes and times for buses to camp this summer. Please be aware that these are the times that the bus/van will be leaving the stops. Please arrive at the bus stop at least 5 minutes early. We hope this schedule works out for you.

On the
Camp Evergreen Registration Portal, people signed up for transportation will have access to the “Transportation Form.” Please use this form to choose your stop on the route and authorize any people that will be picking up/dropping off your child.

f your child is going to miss a day, please call NRT directly at 978-664-1277 ext 5 to inform them.

Morning Pickup:
If you miss the bus and cannot make it to another stop along the line, you may drive your child directly to camp. We will be happy to accept the children in our extended day program for that day. Children may not be left unattended at the bus stop.

Afternoon Drop Off:
During afternoon drop off, campers will only be released to authorized people. If no one is at the stop during drop off, the bus will continue on route. Please inform camp if you are running late and plan to pick up your child at another stop along the way. If no one is at the stop, the bus will bring the child back to camp.

Parents can add extended day and pick up their child by 5:45 at camp. Just call camp before 3:30 so we can make arrangements.

Please talk to your children about the rules of a safe ride before starting transportation:

  • Observe same conduct as at camp
  • Do not eat or drink on the bus.
  • Be courteous, do not use profane language.
  • No Standing while the bus is moving.
  • No jumping seats.
  • Do not smoke.
  • Heads, hands & feet inside the bus.
  • Keep your hands to yourself.
  • Keep the bus clean. Do not be destructive.
  • Do not open emergency exits unless you are told to do so by the driver.
  • Bus Driver is authorized to assign seats.

This Camp complies with the regulations of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and is licensed by the Andover Board of Health

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