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What are Camp’s Operational Hours?

Camp’s normal operational hours are Monday through Friday, from 9 am to 3:55 pm. Extended hours are available (see the section on extended day for more details).

What should my child bring to camp ?

Bathing suit and towel. We suggest that your child come to camp already dressed in their bathing suit under their clothes.

Lunch in an insulated bag. Lunches are kept in the child cubbie in their cabin. Keep in mind that peanut butter is allowed at camp. If your child has a peanut allergy please contact the office and discuss this matter with the director. You may also wish to pack extra snacks.

Reusable Water Bottle

Change of clothes. You may keep the clothes in your child's back pack which is brought to camp each day.

Closed toe shoes. Our campers spend a lot of time on their feet playing sports and enjoying the outdoors. Closed toe shoes keep kids feet safe and ensure they are prepared for what ever is in store throughout the camp day.

Raincoat/waterproof jacket for rainy days.

Clearly label items sent to camp with your child’s name. This includes all clothing, shoes, hats, knapsacks, and eyeglasses. Your child is responsible for all items brought to camp. Personal items may not be left at camp at the end of the day.

DO NOT SEND money, cell phones, radios, electronic game toys, pokemon cards, expensive jewelry, or any other valuable items. Campers are strictly prohibited from bringing the following : pets or outside animals (unless approved by the director), drugs, alcohol, weapons (including knives). Camp Evergreen reserves the right to search campers’ personal belongings if possession of illegal substances or weapons is suspected.

Sunscreen, Bug Spray and Tick Checks :

Camp does not supply sunscreen. Most parents apply waterproof sunscreen prior to the camp day. If you want sunscreen to be applied to your child during the day, send it in a labeled bottle with written instructions. Swim shirts, wide brimmed hats, and sunglasses are also great ways to protect your child from the sun during the camp day.

An assortment of bug repellent is available in the nurse’s office. If you send in bug repellent, it must be: 1) roll-on, wipes, cream or stick type (no sprays) 2) labeled with your child’s name and 3) stored in the nurse’s office.

We do everything in our power to lower the risk of tick bites during camp. Counselors regularly conduct visual tick checks especially after hikes and canoe trips. If a tick has bitten a camper, the camper will be brought to the nurse and the tick will be removed. The area where the tick was found will be circled and the parents will be notified. We recommend that you check your child at home as well.

Can my child bring in personal sports equipment ?

Yes. Outdoor sports equipment, such as fishing rods, bats, hockey/lacrosse sticks, or archery equipment may be brought to camp, and will be stored in the locked cabin of the corresponding specialist when not in use. Archery equipment must include signed permission slip available at the office. Baseball gloves may be kept in the camper’s cubbie.

Personal Flotation Devices (PFD) for boating and canoeing must be U.S. Coast Guard approved. Camp Evergreen reserves the right to reject any PFD that does not meet our standards. Parents will be contacted immediately if it is determined that the PFD does not fit properly or is not in serviceable condition.


Medication :

Our Camp Nurse cannot dispense any medicine sent from home, prescription or
non-prescription, to a child without the following :

• A signed and completed Medical History Form. This is to be completed during the registration process.

• A completed Authorization to Administer Medication to a Camper Form. This form, signed by the parent, gives permission to Camp Evergreen’s nurse to administer the medication.

The name of the medicine, dosage, dates and time of day that medicine is to be given should be clearly indicated. All medications (prescription and over-the-counter) must be in their original containers.

Prescription medications must have the pharmacyabel. If your child must take medications daily, have your pharmacist make up two containers so that we can keep the medicine with the container in the nurse’s office for as long as needed.

Please send a separate note to your child’s counselor, indicating the time your child should report to the nurse’s office for medicine.

What if my child is injured at camp ?

All injuries will be reported and treated by the nurse, according to the Camp Evergreen general procedures for specific injuries. In the event of an injury, the camper’s parent(s) will be contacted by the nurse, secretary or director. Notification will be immediate in serious or emergency situations. If a non-life threatening injury occurs, the camper’s parent(s) will pick up the child at camp and bring them to the hospital or their physician. If the parent(s) cannot be reached, the director will determine if camp needs to transport the camper to the hospital or call for emergency services.

It is the director’s responsibility to report serious injury, in-patient hospitalization, and/or death of a camper or staff person to The Board of Health. It is the camp nurse’s responsibility to call or send a note informing parents whenever first aid is administered to their children, including time frame and documentation.

Alternate Pick-Up :

All parents are requested to list an “alternate pick-up person” on the parent questionnaire. Parents MUST notify the office when the alternate is picking up their child. The alternate will then need to sign out the child in the office or extended day area.

Only a parent/legal guardian may designate an alternate.
Camp Evergreen reserves the right to request I.D. from any person picking up a child. Under no circumstances will we accept the word of an alternate that they have been sent to pick up a camper.


Early Pick-Up/Late Drop Off :

Parents must sign in the camper in the office if they are dropped off late. Early pickups must be signed out in the office. Please notify the office at least two hours before you will be picking up your child.

Extended Day :

Extended day hours are 8 am to 9 am and 4 pm to 5:45 pm. Late charges begin at 5:50 pm ; they are $15.00 for the first 15 minutes, and $5.00 for each additional 10 minutes, payable by check or cash at the time of pick up to the extended day counselor.

Parents who opt for extended day must complete the Extended Day Form. List your approximate pickup and drop off times, and an alternate pick-up person. Drop in extended day is available for an additional fee to be payed the same day. See our Registration Form for more details about extended day pricing.

Swim Program :

Camp is a great opportunity for your child to participate in Red Cross swim lessons. Unless excused by the parent, all campers are expected to attend instructional swim. If a child refuses to swim, s/he will not be forced to participate but will be asked to at least watch the lesson. The pool director will contact the parents to inform them that their child is not swimming and ask for support.

Discipline Policy :

The Camp Evergreen counselors’ job is to ensure that your child has a great summer. There are times when we do need to set strict rules for misbehavior such as wandering, swearing, fighting, and rude behavior. When it comes to disciplining your child, there is a limit as to what our counselors are allowed to do. A short outburst of misbehavior will result in a “time out” at the activity. Any further problems will mean “time out” at the office. If these problems continue, then parents will be notified and asked to correct the unacceptable behavior. If the problems persist even after parental intervention, the child will not be allowed to return to camp.

There will be no refund for the time lost due to behavioral problems.
A more expansive look into our discipline procedure is available upon request.


Absentees :

Report absentees to camp as soon as possible. The camp voicemail is available 24 hours a day. If you have signed up for transportation, please notify your driver at his/her given phone number. If your child is absent for 3 or more consecutive days without notification, a member of our staff will contact you.Tuition is not refunded for any absences.

Sick Camper/Mild Illness Policy :

If your child has a temperature or has contracted a communicable virus, your child will not be allowed to participate at camp. If a child shows up to camp ill, s/he will be sent to the nurse’s office and his/her parents will be called to come pick them up as soon as possible. If a child is out for 5 or more consecutive days due to illness and verification via a doctor’s note is given, your child will be allowed to make up this time during another camp session provided there is availability. In the event your child shows symptoms of illness, s/he will be brought to the nurse’s office where s/he will remain while the parents are contacted and asked to come and pick up the child. A more expanded medical policy is available upon request.

Refund Policy :

Our policy is that camp tuition is non-refundable. If your child has to withdraw from camp early, please call the office to speak with the camp director. If you must withdraw your child because of medical reasons, and a doctors note is present, you may be eligible for a credit.

Camp Transportation :

Camp uses North Reading Transportation to provide transportation to and from camp. Pick up and drop off locations are listed on our website. Children may not be left unattended while waiting for the bus. Children will on be released to parents or authorized people. While in camp vehicles, campers must remain in their seat belt at all times. No horseplay is allowed. If campers violate these rules, transportation will be discontinued. Please notify your driver and the camp office any time you will not be using the transportation service.

Transporting your own Child :

Parents transporting their children will receive two Evergreen Pick-Up I.D.’s. Please complete and keep on your dashboard visible through the windshield while picking up your child.

The pickup/drop off area is a cell phone free zone. Please hang up your phone until you have left camp property.

Drop off time is between 8:45 am and 9:05 am. Pickup time is between 4:00 pm and 4:15 pm. After 4:15 pm, your child is considered extended day and you will be charged $15.00 for the service, payable on pickup.

Please do not arrive early to pick up your child without prior notification to the office. You will be required to sign out your child if you are picking up before 4:00 pm.

In Case of Emergency :

In the event of an emergency Camp Evergreen will put an announcement on the radio on WBZ 1030 am and attempt to call parents. Camp will also send emails out to parents.

Staff qualifications and questions, grievances or concerns :

All Camp Evergreen staff have had CORI and SORI background checks and three reference checks. Parents are welcome to review background check policies and any policy in our staff manual. Any question or concern about staffing or any issue at camp will be willingly addressed by contacting the camp office and Little Jim.

Getting into Camp :

In order to make drop offs and pickups as smooth as possible, we ask you to enter camp heading north (camp on your right). To maintain the flow of traffic, please do not stop and try to make a left turn to get into camp. If you are heading south, it is easy to turn around up the street on Anthony Rd., exiting via Peter Rd.(see map below). Please do not pull into our neighbors’ driveways in order to turn around. Enter the first driveway at camp, in front of the white house. Follow the driveway around to the sandbox area where children are to be dropped off and picked up. Exit camp via the parking lot, next to the dumpster. Please follow the directions of the traffic control people in the street or driveway. Thank you for your consideration.


This Camp complies with the regulations of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and is licensed by the Andover Board of Health

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